Monday, 28 November 2011

Givelube Lubetube Premium Aqua Gel Mini 30ml

I was recently sent some Givelube Lubetube Premium Aqua Gel Mini to review for Naughty Nights UK ...much to my pleasure.

The tube arrived safe and sound in a padded envelope and unlike many other lubes, this one had a sealed, clear wrapper around it which helped prevent any unwanted spillages during transportation...a definate bonus!!
The wrapper itself was very easily removed as there is a perforrated strip down the side so you simply grab and pull - et voila!

The lubetube I received was 30ml and costs £3.95 from Naughty Nights UK and as you can see, it comes with a flip lid so it's alot less messy than conventional tubes.

I did a little reading up about this lube before trying it and i'm happy to report that it is both Paraben and Glycerin Free so won't cause any unwanted irritations to your nether regions. It is safe to use with both condoms and latex, and best of all it's non staining, colourless, odourless AND contains Aloe Vera and Panthenol, both of which are known for their skin softening properties.

Once opened, I squeezed a bit onto my Mini Rabbit (my toy of choice at the time), and began to work it around my clit. The rabbit seemed to glide into my vagina with ease and although the lube seemed to dry naturally, by adding a little water/saliva, it was possible to 'reactivate' it....this means that you can use it very sparingly as a little goes an awful long way!

All in all, i'd say this is an ideal lube for those who are prone to skin irritation and the handy sized bottle means it will easily hide in your handbag and you can feel safe in the knowledge that it won't leak!
You certainly can't go wrong for the price either and a small tube should certainly last a while.

Givelube Lubetube Premium Aqua Gel is available from Naughty Nights UK in the following sizes:
250ml - £12.95
100ml - £8.95
30ml - £3.95
(Prices correct at time of post)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Got nothing to do this Friday night??

Then class this as your official #NNUK party invite!!

On Friday 25th November from 5pm (GMT), it's PARTY TIME with Naughty Nights UK!

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The night will include Competitions, Giveaways, Freebies, Exclusive Discounts and more...

Come along and join in the never know, it could just be your lucky night!
Pssst, don't forget to tell all your friends too!!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Toy Joy Funky Massager

I was recently sent the Toy Joy Funky Massager in pink for review from Naughty Nights UK.

It comes in a small, see through box (as shown in pic above) and I have to say, it looks rather pretty.

The Massager itself is around 4inches in length from tip to base and isn't too heavy to hold. You also receive in the box 4 interchangeable heads so there's something to suit everyone. It requires 1AA battery (not included) and you simply twist the base to 'open', then the bottom will pop off, insert the battery and twist the base back to 'off' to lock into position.
It has a soft, velvety coating which feels very nice indeed when in contact with the skin, and is available in either pink or blue...both of which look fab! It is a little louder than I expected, considering it claims to be 'silent'! Be careful, you might just be heard!

As you can see from my pic (click to enlarge), the interchangeable tips range from a smooth rounded one to stippled ones. I was slightly uncertain about the 2 tips with small stipples as they felt a little prickly when I ran my fingers over need to have worried though as you barely notice when they are busy massaging your clit!

Despite there being no variable speed, this has quite a strong vibration...perfect if you need plenty clit stimulation, and you can direct it pretty much anywhere you want with satisfaction guaranteed!

The smooth rounded head was my personal favourite as I found it quite sensual, particularly with it's velvety feel and especially when my man took over!

All in all, I found this comfortable to hold, not too heavy and theres no fear of accidently turning off when in mid flow as is the case with some other massagers/vibrators.
Perfect for stimulating the clitoris, anus etc and it's pretty darn nice rolled over the nipples too! It's also easy to clean (just make sure you get between the stipples on the tips) and extremely easy to operate. For a little extra 'fun on the go' jsut pop it in your will ever know! lmao

The only downside of the Massager is the changing of the tips! I (stupidly) decided to change the tip whilst 'amusing' myself and by the time I managed to get the first tip off, I was pretty much back to square one! It's great to know that the tips aren't just gonna 'pop off' whilst you're busying away, but i'd have preferred slightly less effort. I eventually had to ask my man to remove it for me, as even with all the strength I could muster, I couldn't get it off!. On the plus side, we both ended up in fits of giggles....mine being brought on by sheer frustration and my mans' because he found it hilarious that I was getting in such a flap.

The Toy Joy Funky Massager is available in either pink or blue and costs only £9.95 from Naughty Nights UK.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Just wanted to make you aware of all the latest offers available from Naughty Nights UK. As some of you may already know, I am a Moderator on the #NNUK Forums and we are always looking for new people to come and join in the fun and sexy chat. 
Apart from being a friendly, fun environment, #NNUK also have some fantastic competitions running right now so it's definately the right time to be registering for an account if you haven't already!

If you're interested in writing Erotic Literature, then #NNUK have just the comp for you. Simply submit your erotic story by starting a 'New Topic' here but make sure you follow the enrty rules (found here)!
Prizes on offer are: 
1st Prize is £250 Gift Vouchers to be spent in the NNUK Store and your story published in hardback
2nd Prize is £100 Gift Vouchers to be spent in the NNUK Store and your story publised in softback
3rd Prize is £25 /gift Vouchers to be spent in the NNUK Store and your story published on the forums
I'm sure you'll agree that these are fantastic prizes, so pop along to the forums and get your entry in before the end date which is midnight on the 1st January 2012.

If you're not into erotic writing, then maybe testing and reviewing sex toys is more your thing! #NNUK are currently on the lookout for people to do just that! Simply follow the steps 'How to be a Sex Toy Tester' found here and you could be lucky enough to receive a toy which you get to keep in return for a good, honest review....sounds good doesn't it!!  

If you are interested in participating with either of the above, simply register on the NNUK only takes a minute, then submit your entry in the relevant post. Please also pop over to our 'New Members Area' and tell us a bit about yourself...that way we can all say 'hello' and you're guaranteed to receive a warm welcome!
So what you waiting for, get on over there, we don't bite....unless you ask us to of course! ;) xx

Saturday, 12 November 2011

The One-Touch Quiet Mini Bullet Vibrator

The next product for review as part of the Extreme Super Sex Delight pack from Naughty Nights UK is the One-Touch Mini Bullet Vibrator. This was listed on my invoice as a Fleshlight Bullet Upgrade, however the Mini Bullet was the closest I could find on site. 

The bullet is made from a silver brushed metal and is just over 2 inches in length with 1 1/2 inches insertable. As the name suggests, there is one push button on the base which simply presses on and off. It requires 3 LR44 cell batteries which are included.

First impressions of this were slight scepticism (how the hell could something so small manage to satisfy?) and curiosity (would I be needing another vibe on standby to finish the job?).

I lay back, opened my legs and began to explore. WOW!! The vibration through the tip of this mini vibe was alot stronger than I had first anticipated and the coldness of the metal only added to the excitement. Although not quite big enough in girth to give much pleasure when inserted, (it's only just over 2 inches in circumference), this certainly managed to help me reach orgasm in a very short space of time...the sensation when used around the clitoral hood was really quite amazing.
I found the tip to be the strongest part, as with most of my vibes, although there are still a pretty strong vibrations running through the whole vibe, so rubbing it over your clit and labia will also guarantee tingles.

My verdict..
It's small enough to fit in your purse, never mind handbag, it has a nice smooth finish and a strong enough vibration to bring you to climax in next to no time! Aside from that, it's totally waterproof so double the fun at bathtime!! I have to add that this is one of the more quiet vibes i've tried so it's not only discreet in size, but also in noise.
Naughty Nights UK currently have this on offer for a fantastic price of £ you certainly can't go wrong for that price!