Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Menu with a Difference by Lucy Felthouse

I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review!

Despite this being such a short erotic story (around 13 pages), the fabulous Lucy Felthouse manages to squeeze a whole lot in there!

Jed and Annette are a couple who indulge in an open relationship and have their eyes on a pretty young waitress who they'd love to partake in some sexual activity with. Despite Jeds best efforts, it's Annette who ends up taking the lead and finding out whether their prey is willing ...with rather surprising results!

It's hard to grab the readers attention with such a short story, but Lucy has managed it with ease and kept me interested until the very end. From setting the scene to the graphic sex which follows, this is well written and entertaining ....it's also the first book i've ever read with a lesbian scene, and I loved it!!

Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for something quick and exciting!!

Available on Kindle from Amazon.co.uk for only £1.97

The Cougar Diaries Part 1, by Aoife Brennan

I was thrilled when Aoife Brennan contacted me via twitter and asked if i'd like to review her spanking brand new book. I obviously jumped at the chance as i've been at a pretty loose end since finishing Fifty Shades of Grey and needed something else to help fill the void.

The Cougar Diaries, Part 1, is a true-to-life story of one womans' fight against the world. Struggling to cope with the breakdown of her marriage, running the family home, holding down a job and bringing up two teenage boys, Aoife, with the help of her best friend Trish, decides it time to get back out there and see what else life has to offer.

A new haircut, wardrobe, underwear and a surprise gift from Trish are just the beginning for Aoife and she quickly notices the amount of attention she's receiving .....particularly from younger men!

Since her marriage breakdown, many of their 'joint' friends seemed to take sides and her social circle slowly began to diminish. It wasn't long though before Trish dragged her to a party and introduced her to a few single men ....including Sex-God Chris!!

This was the beginning of a whole new life for Aoife complete with exploring dating sites, trying rampant rabbits,  a delve into the world of BDSM and the most hilarious strawberry incident i've ever read!! I'll quite frankly never look at one the same again!! lol

Compared to Fifty Shades, this book is so much easier to connect with as it gives a realistic outlook on life and the many ups and downs that come with it. Not only is Aoife trying to reveal a newer, sexier her, but she's also dealing with an impossible ex hubby who seems to want nothing more than to make things as difficult as possible for her ....even removing items of property from her home while she wasn't there! The fact that her job also hangs in the balance just adds to the anxieties she has to deal with.

It's thanks to her brother George and best friend Trish that she manages to cope and finally sees a light at the end of the tunnel, although it's a long way off yet.

You're gonna have to read it if you want to find out more, but I highly recommend it! There's not as much sex as Fifty Shades but don't let that put you off as the parts that are there, are well written and described in enough detail to create those familiar little 'stirrings'.

Better still, you can buy it for your Kindle and nobody need ever know what you're reading .....although they will get curious when you burst into giggles throughout!

Buy The Cougar Diaries, Part 1 on Amazon.co.uk for only £2.03 inc vat .....you really can't go wrong for that!!
For US customers, you can purchase from Amazon.com for $3.03 inc vat
Pay a visit to Aoifes' blog too :)

Although I received this book for free, all opinions are my own.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

TAOI Pure Vibes Intimate Massager from Naughty Nights UK

I love it when I receive something a little bit different to review and thanks to Naughty Nights UK, I received just that.

The TAOI Pure Vibes Intimate Massager arrived at the weekend and I couldn't wait to try it out.

click to enlarge

As with all parcels I receive from Naughty Nights UK, this arrived in very discreet packaging ...just what you need if your neighbours are as nosy as mine! Not only was it sealed in a plain white padded envelope, but once I got passed that, I found that it was also sealed in a purple plastic bag .....perfect!

The massager packaging is a nice small box which is pale lilac in colour and has a see through window on the front ....although it only shows a small amount of the vibe!
Once opened, there's a slide out plastic sleeve which houses your new toy and a small leaflet with minor instructions for use as well as showing other TAOI products available.

Unlike alot of other toys, this massager is intended to be used, then thrown away ....such a shame for such a pretty thing!

Pretty orchid design
I have to say that unlike alot of vibes/massagers, this one is pretty discreet and difficult to tell what it actually is ...unless you already know of course! The pretty orchid design looks fab and the tiny green stem makes it easy to hold and easy to activate.

There's a small plastic bit poking from the stem which says 'Pull Here'. You won't be able to use it until you've removed this part! To activate, a simple twist of the stem is all that is required. Easy peasy!

Remove plastic strip before use
Twist stem to activate
A slight twist of the stem will give you really mild vibrations but if you twist it all the way, they become alot more powerful. Although the stem is quite sturdy, the petals are flexible and you can see them vibrate slightly when it's turned on ....I absolutely loved the feel of them! It's made from Medical Grade Silicone which is great, but I found that it was a bit of a dust magnet so please bare this in mind.

There's a very slight raised bullet shaped part in the centre of the orchid which is where the vibrations stem from and I have to say, it lies very snugly between the legs ...something they've obviously given some serious thought to!

When I first began testing sex toys, I would have absolutely loved this and found that it gave quick relief when needed. Now that i'm a slightly more experienced user, I found that the vibrations weren't quite strong enough to make me writhe in ecstasy. I experimented by using the tips of the leaves to stimulate my clit ......although vibrations through these aren't strong, I found the light fluttering very nice indeedy! As for the noise factor, it's perfect. It's so quiet that you could get away with using it in a public library (if you dare!!).

It's such a shame that the TAOI Pure Vibes Intimate Massager is disposable as it's a toy i'd rather like to have kept ....mainly due to how pretty it is!

You get around 45 minutes (give or take) before the battery dies and there's no visible signs of being able to change the battery ...I have looked!

As for the price, Naughty Nights UK have this available for only £5 which I really wouldn't mind paying, however, this is a saving of £12.99 from the normal price of £17.99 which I personally feel is rather steep for a one-use toy!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A History of Sex Toys

Sex toys have had a surprisingly long history, and it’s only recently that they’ve become less of a taboo subject and entered our mainstream culture. However, women and men haven’t always had a bright neon piece of plastic in their bedside table – sex toys have taken many forms over the years.

Early sex toys
The oldest sex toy ever discovered was a large siltstone phallic object which was discovered in north Germany and is over 30,000 years old. It wasn’t until the Ancient Greeks however that we have a fuller picture of how sex toys fitted into early humans’ culture.

Lots of Ancient Greek vase art features women using phallic shaped objects, and it was commonplace for women to give their friends these objects when their husbands died or were sent off to war. Whilst the word “dildo” didn’t actually come into common usage until much later, its etymology is still unclear. Some say that it’s a corruption of the Italian word for delight, whereas others believe that it derives from the name of the phallus shaped peg on a sailboat to keep the oar in place; whatever the case, by the 17th century it was in common usage.

The cure for hysteria
By the 19th century, a diagnosis of female hysteria became commonplace in women who were experiencing restless symptoms, and a common “cure” for this would be a “pelvic massage” performed by a doctor who would bring the woman to climax. However this was time-consuming, tiring, and ineffective and a steam-powered vibrator was invented for use by doctors.

In the late 1880s Dr. Joseph Granville invented an electromechanical vibrator, and by 1902 the US home appliance company Hamilton Beach had patented the first electric vibrator. Female hysteria had long been debunked; however these devices remained popular amongst women for obvious reasons!

The rise of the rabbit
Throughout the early 20th century, vibrators remained largely hidden in the pages of department stores’ catalogues and in classified adverts, marketed as “relaxation devices.” It wasn’t until the 1960s with the advent of the women’s liberation movement that sex toys became less of a taboo subject.

The invention of the rabbit vibrator changed millions of women’s lives in the late 1990s when it was featured on an episode of Sex and the City. Intrigued by the thrilling nature of the toy, sales rose and the rabbit remains one of the most popular styles of vibrator to this day.
Nowadays, there’s so much to choose from when purchasing sex toys. You’re bound to find something to suit your needs from mini vibrating bullets, large vibrators, butt plugs, vibrating eggs and cock rings, to name a few!

Louise Jenkins writes about sex toys. For more information please visit www.littlehussy.com

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mia's Books by Tabitha Rayne

Over Christmas, I was thrilled to receive an email from the lovely Tabitha Rayne to say i'd been the very lucky winner of her advent competition. The prize was a copy of Mia's Books.

I'd finished reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy and was at a loose end as to what to read next ....especially after really getting a taste for erotic fiction! When I saw the comp pop up I thought this could certainly help keep me entertained for a while and I wasn't left disappointed.

Mia's Books is a short story based on a young girl called Mia who suffers from severe insomnia. Whilst others are sleeping, Mia is often wide awake and in need of something to pass the time. Her solution, books!

In her own unique way (you'll have to read it to see how), Mia manages to get her hands on a library book which holds a little secret of its own. She goes from being a quiet, reserved young girl who barely manages to raise her head let alone a smile, to a confident young woman with a great sexual appetite who's being torn between two lovers .....one of whom is a ghost!

Will Mia enjoy the fruits of her labor and continue her love affair with both, or will matters complicate themselves forcing her to choose between them? You gotta read it!!

I wasn't really sure what to expect when I began reading this as Fifty Shades was probably the first book of erotic fiction i'd ever read, and although I really enjoyed the steamy storyline, I found that it wasn't exactly well written!

Mia's Books however was a whole new ball game .....there's sex aplenty and no unnecessary babble. The storyline is kept short and interesting which made it very hard to put down once I got going, and the odd added twists were unexpected and made it all the more exciting. I really loved the paranormal element of this as it added a whole new dimension and the sex descriptive was far better than i'd read in the Fifty Shades books. I could actually visualize everything I was reading and absolutely loved it!!

To read an excerpt, click here .....you know you want to!
If after reading that you're left wanting more click Mia's Books to buy and don't forget to stop by Tabitha's fantastic blog too!

Many thanks to Tabitha for sending me this in the first place and even opening my eyes a little!

All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Prolific Pleasure from Aphrodite's Gift

Quite some months ago now, I was lucky enough to win a very interesting toy from Aphrodite's Gift over on twitter. Although it wasn't a requirement of the competition, I have decided to review it on my blog.

When I received my prize, I was gobsmacked at how appealing it looked ...i've had less interesting toys for review, so to win one was amazing! Curious?? Here's what I got .....

Prolific Pleasure
Prolific Pleasure boasts of being 100% Silicone meaning it's non-toxic, allergy proof, odourless, chemical resistant, water repellent, heat stable, dishwasher safe and highly durable .....not bad eh!!

The packaging for me was perfect. You can see exactly what you're getting and there's even a little hole on the front of the packaging which has a small ball of the vibe material poking through so you can have a good feel before buying ...

Feel before you buy
There's also a detailed section on the back of the packaging showing each of the 10 yes, you heard right, 10 functions!!

10 available functions
To gain access to your new toy, simply slide off the outer sleeve and hey presto ....

Once inside the box, you'll not only find your new toy and an instruction leaflet, but this gorgeous pastel vibe comes complete with it's own lilac bag to keep it safe from prying eyes ...

Complete with velvety feel bag
The thing that makes this vibe that bit extra special is the fact that it contains not 1 but 2 vibrating bullets!! The first of these can be found in the little 'clit tickler' to give it that bit extra oomph ...and my word it certainly delivers. The second can be found in the slightly angled tip of the vibe, ensuring that the vibrations are sent direct to your gspot. Prolific Pleasure is 6.5" of pure pleasure and has a slightly twisted effect part way down the shaft .....

The clit tickler has flexible ears which are very soft but with the added vibration, they give a lovely fluttering sensation which is sure to get you stirring. The feel of the whole thing is slightly velvety and really inviting. It's slightly squishy making it one of the most comfortable vibes i've ever had the pleasure of using. Due to this vibe having 10 different functions ranging from pulsating to a strong continuous vibration, it really does have something for everyone and for me personally, every one of the 10 functions served a different purpose but all had me writhing in ecstasy.

The vibe requires 2AA batteries which are easily inserted into the base ....

Operating this vibe is also really simple ...just push the button!

The bottom one is obviously the on/off button and the other is to flick your way through the available vibrations.

I absolutely loved this! The extra bullet in the tip really does give this the edge and better still, it's not scary in size. I found this extremely easy and exciting to use and didn't mind my man pleasuring me with it either ....it was actually really nice just closing my eyes and allowing him free reign! As for the noise factor, I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet this was. No hiding under the duvet with it!! It's also very light in weight making it easy to control and shift about.

As always, I used my favorite GiveLube premium aqua gel which always enhances my enjoyment of the toys I use.

Prolific Pleasure is available to buy from Aphrodite's Gifts and costs £26.99 which I think is a fair price for such a great toy.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Icicles 10 Function Glass G-Spot Vibrating Wand No4 from Vibrations Direct

A while ago, I was approached by a very lovely lady from Vibrations Direct, who asked whether i'd be interested in receiving a product from them in return for an honest review. I received the item free of charge and all opinions are based upon my own experience.

Although I sent quite a long list of toys etc i'd be willing to test, it was still a surprise when my new toy actually arrived ....and a nice one at that!!

My new Icicles No4
Imagine the size of the smile on my face when I opened this .....within an hour it was being tried and tested!

As with all Icicles glass toys, the Icicles 10 Function Glass G-Spot Vibrating Wand No4 comes in simple yet attractive packaging. The box front opens out to reveal the wonders that lie within ...

Inside the box
Description of contents inside box cover
You'll find your new toy fitted nicely into a white foam block for protection once removed from the box. It's at this point you see the real beauty and quality of the product.

Snug as a bug
As you can see, there are 2 separate parts to this vibe. First we have the beautiful glass dildo which is stunning in itself and exudes quality ...

Beautifully crafted glass dildo
The dildo itself is around 7 inches in length and has a girth of just under 3 inches so it's relatively slender if the size often puts you off.

Raised swirl covering dildo
I apologize for my pic not being the greatest but I was trying to show you the raised pink swirl which adorns the dildo. Although they can be felt, they're not unpleasant and only create gentle ripples which feel pleasant and add to the arousal. They are raised by only a few mm but make the world of difference.

The vibrating part of the wand

This glass dildo comes with a handy little bullet and control unit to turn it into a vibrator ...and it's pretty clever! The control unit has an opening in the back where 3AAA batteries are to be inserted and this is very easy to gain access to. Once they're in, simply plug the bullet into it and hey presto! There are 10 vibration modes in total ranging from constant vibes to pulsating ones so there's something for everyone.

The small bullet fits neatly into the handle at the base of the glass dildo ....

Hole at base of glass dildo for bullet to be inserted
Bullet through end of dlido

Like with all my 'stipply' vibes, I always make sure I use plenty of lube as this helps prevent the vibe from sticking and heightens the pleasure as well as making those raised areas glide comfortably.
I'm a huge fan of glass dildos/vibes and this one has earned a top spot in my toy drawer. For me, the size is absolutely perfect as i'm quite slender and occasionally struggle for comfort with some of the larger vibes. I'd also say this is great if you're new to glass vibes with stipples as they're quite small.
The bullet is a great little addition to this, although I personally didn't feel that the vibrations came through the dildo quite as strong as I would have liked. I did find it quite fun to remove the bullet and stimulate my clitoris with it whilst satisfying myself with the dildo but if you decide to try this yourself, be warned, the bullet does get pretty warm!!

The bullet glows when turned on
The heat could be due to the bulb which is inside the bullet and I did find it became hotter and quite uncomfortable the longer it was in use.

The bullet fitted through the end of the dildo

Overall I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try this and I really loved it, although i'm probably more likely to use it without the bullet. The style, size and intricacy of the glass dildo are, for me, perfect in every way and capable of giving maximum satisfaction. I preferred the bullet when used by itself, at least until it became too hot to handle. The curve at the top of the glass hit the spot well and the stipples gave a very sensual experience making me oooh and aaah constantly. My partner enjoyed taking control of the bullet which always heightens my arousal as I never know when it's going to change etc and this gave him satisfaction too. As with all glass toys i've tested, I personally prefer to handle them myself rather than let my partner pleasure me with them as it's sometimes a little uncomfortable when he does it.

As with all sex toys, what's right for me, may not be right for you. I can only give you my personal opinions.

If you're interested in treating yourself to the beautiful Icicles 10 Function Glass G-Spot Vibrating Wand No4, it's available for a superb price of £35.54 (reduced from £39.49 at time of print) and is available from Vibrations Direct. Check out all the other fantastic items they have while you're there!!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pony Play Butt Plug Whip from Uberkinky!

Firstly I must apologize to Uberkinky for the length of time this has taken me to publish. Despite being able to try the product, I didn't have an available pc/lappy to update and i'm not sure my daughter would have appreciated me using hers for this purpose. All sorted now and raring to go!!

I was lucky enough to have been sent the Pony Play Butt Plug Whip for free, in return for an honest review, so here it is!

Arrived coiled up
Tail straightened out

The pony plug arrived curled up in a clear plastic bag with no unwanted or wasteful packaging. I did have a few problems trying to get the tail to hang straight, but patience is the key here! The butt plug part is red in colour and the tail is black. There is a slight smell which I noticed upon opening, although for me, this can be overlooked as it wasn't as strong as some sex toys.

I loved the feel of this. I have only ever tried a butt plug once before, and really struggled to insert it as it just kept bending. This however, is a lot firmer and more sturdy making it far easier to use ....and less of a fumble! It is kind of slippery once a bit lube has been added though so take care .....or better still, get your partner to do it for you!

The butt plug is tapered at the end to provide easy, comfortable access and is only 3 inches in girth at its fattest ....perfect if you're a novice like myself! The 'horse-hair' effect tail is absolutely fab for some sensual play and feels nice when stroked across the skin a few times before being given a gently whip. It definitely isn't hardcore, neither is it designed to cause pain, but it does give a nice, fluttery feeling depending on use. My partner had loads of fun teasing me with this.
Insertable length is just under 4 inches
Tapered end for easy entry
Horse-like tail
The base of the plug is slightly larger than the rest, making it easier to get hold of which is definitely a good move.

I personally absolutely loved this as my first 'proper' butt plug and have had much enjoyment from it. It's just the right size for a beginner and the whip provides that little extra bit of fun. My partner enjoyed using this to tease and please me and was most satisfied with the results.

The Pony Play Butt Plug is made by Doc Johnson and costs a very pleasing £19.99 from Uberkinky.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

I'm Back!!!

Firstly, I'd like to apologise to everyone for the lack of posts on my blog over the last few months. I have been without a pc and therefore unable to do any reviews/updates. I (hopefully) now have everything sorted and hope to be back up and running again with new reviews coming up this week.

I thank you all for your patience, and for sticking with me, it's greatly appreciated :D x